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Who is Doc "00" Johnson a.k.a DBL0(Double 0)? First and for most, a passionate lover of music, artist, writer, youth mentor & entrepreneur. With a current EP release 'Heavy Sedation" out now in the U.K. Doc is still proving to naysayers he's not here to loose! CEO of DoeNation Musik (DoeNation Mixtapes), UDBC (UnderDog Brand Clothing), ClockWorkAtl and new company Musik Nation Radio. Doc's proves his work ethic puts him in the forefront, using life's experiences and veteran rappers as his mentor he is a humbled student of humanity, if thats not a plate full Doc is also a Fleet Dj for world wide Fleet DJs Georgia division.


ZERO TO 100!

00 started as a kid from Harlem NYC in a single parent home, divorced parents caused him to spend school season home with mom & his summer breaks in Atlanta with his Dad. Humble, hungry and a student to the craft, Doc's oldest brother was a Dj who taught him the basics, at eleven after getting him started Doc later in high school ventured off to do local house parties. Doc's first job was promoting for Epic artist Cool G Rap's 456 album & Universal artist Rakim's 18th Letter before becoming a opening act to Rakim under act name Quiet Noize. Assosiates with rap group Onyx, 00 would absorb all knowledge these vets had to offer. Some of my highlights would include being at the last taping of MTVs Yo MTV Raps, opening for names like Rakim, Onyx, Wu and LOX. Cameos in videos Onyx "Last Days", Rakim "When I B On The Mic", Jodey Watley fea Rakim "Off The Hook", Raekwon The Chef "Incarcerated Scarfaces", I began to talk with directors and learn the basics of shooting and editing video. My EP Releases include "Heavy Sedation" with group Pharmacy reaching over seas markets & released under Chopped Hearring Records, & "Steady Cash Flow". Doc 00 Johnson has hosted mixtapes by Fleet Djs affiliate Dj ShureShot and Wu Tang affiliate Dj Homicide. Released independent mixtapes "Talk To Em", "Double or Nothin", "We The Topic", "Time iz Money", "Blood Debt & Years", "FukHandOutz We StandOut Vol1 & 2" plus more. Directed and edited videos "0's", "Government Cheese", "4Gotten Seedz", "The Man" & "Streetz of Fire". Single releases include Government Cheese (2012 iTunes), 0's 2014 (available here) video on YouTube. In 2014 Doc began suffering from seizures, after being diagnosed with a Brain AVM Doc took some time to deal with his health, but still gave you mixtape cuts "Hunger Pains", "Mad @ Me" & "Give Em Shade" (2017).



Doc is currently finishing up a mixtape titled "X's & 0's" where he touches on some real life issues with marriage, divorce, alleged infidelity and time away from music. His awaited Album D.O.E (Dollars On Everything) is expected to release some time 2018.


The life of a zero

Doc "00" Johnson

Doc 00 Johnson Live at iLounge Atl

Hunger Pains by Doc 00 Johnson

0's by Doc 00 Johnson

Harlem by Doc 00 Johnson feat Numba Runnas

No Matter What by Doc 00 Johnson Fea numb runnas

Government Cheese by Doc 00 Johnson

The Man

4Gotten Seedz by Doc 00 Johnson Fea shi Flamez

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